Eat. Feel. Live. has a growing network of 3,000 health and sustainability conscious travelers, yoginis and adventure enthusiasts that are always looking for the next product that will allow them to live their happiest and healthiest life without any fuss!

Do you want to have your product tried and shared with thousands of individuals inspired to live a conscious lifestyle filled with happiness and adventure? If the answer is yes, than you’re in the right place. 

Why Sponsor Eat. Feel. Live.?

Eat. Feel. Live. is dedicated to helping others achieve their happiest and healthiest life and that dedication has no borders. I have traveled to 15 countries and continuously adding to the list. This means your product can be shared worldwide through new and interesting locations and experiences. 

I am a certified culinary nutritionist with a passion for healthy and conscious living. In today’s society, this can be hard to keep up with. I am always looking for new products that will make life flow that much easier, but always keeping health andsustainability in mind. When I find a product I am passionate about, I am immediately inspired to share it with my clients and network. 

My experience with both informational and creative writing (blogging and poetry) can be used to produce blog posts and other content that will promote your company and can be re-used! 

Let’s Work Together!

Content Options:

•Instagram promotion with product use and endorsement (instagram story/feed) 

•Written promotion through blogging

•Website advertisement

•Video promotion through instagram or YouTube

•Use, dispersement or demo to clients 

•Product placement in Eat Good. Feel Good. Love Good. giveaway boxes

If you are interested in becoming a sponsor of Eat. Feel. Live. get in touch by email ( or fill out a contact form here.