Eating For Anxiety and Depression Workshop


What if I told you, you could eat your way to happiness?

Depression and anxiety are two of the most common mental disorders. What many people don’t realize is that our body and mind are connected. When our body is suffering, so is our mind. But when we are taking care of and healing our bodies, we are healing our mind too.

This workshop focuses on teaching how to make recipes that will be beneficial for someone suffering from depression or anxiety. The foods used in each recipe contain nutrients that are vital for a healthy brain. These are nutrients that relieve symptoms for those already suffering from depression/anxiety and help to prevent the development of symptoms for those at risk of developing depression/anxiety. We will identify what foods to avoid, what foods are beneficial, the nutrients that are found in these foods, how they support a happy and healthy brain, and how to use these foods to create different recipes.

Sustainable Eating Workshop


“What we eat determines our health. But it also determines the health of the planet.”

If the discussion is environmentalism and sustainability, then where our food comes from needs to be one of the main topics surrounding this discussion. What chemicals have been used? How is waste from animal agriculture maintained? Animal agriculture is the main contributor to Green House Gas Emissions but instead of talking about this, we are told to car pool. Water systems are polluted, our air is polluted and this can all directly be linked back to our sources of food.

This workshop focuses on where are food comes from, how the process it goes through effects our environment and what we can do to make a change.

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Michaela did an amazing job! All of her recipes were great! She has an abundance of knowledge on vitamins and their benefits. I learned so much from her workshop. ”

Ann Slaoui, Healing Foods For Depression Workshop

Michaela is very knowledgable of plant-based eating and the nutrients found in foods. She accurately explains vitamins and their benefits to the human body. I learned that many vitamins have a direct correlation with brain functionality.”

Jacob Raccuia, Healing Foods For Depression Workshop