There are many benefits of practicing yoga. From weight loss, to reducing damage caused by stress, to relieving chronic pain, yoga is a practice for everyone! Read more here.

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Group Classes

Ecstatic Yoga: Fluid Movement Yoga Class

When? August 25, 2020 from 6:00-7:15 pm

Where? The Red Barn in Durham parking lot (352 Main St, Durham CT)

Cost: $25/pp

Early Bird Special $20 until 8/13

Limited spots available!

Ecstatic yoga is a fluid movement yoga class using ecstatic dance music to help gain body awareness, increase body positivity and confidence. It is a great workout, a lot of fun and perfect for all levels!

This class will be held under the tents in The Red Barn in Durham parking lot. Masks are required. Please bring a yoga mat, water, comfy clothes and a SMILE!





Private Yoga Class ($45/75 minutes)

COIVD19 UPDATE: I am now accepting clients for outdoor Private/Semi-Private and Kids Yoga classes at your home or in a location of your choosing. For more information on how to book a class please read below.

  • Learn correct alignment and postures to avoid injury and get the most out of your practice.
  • Learn how to incorporate different props to relax in poses, letting go of any strain or tension put on the muscles.
  • Learn proper breathing in each poses and breathing techniques for meditation (pranayama)
  • Learn which poses are best for you (everyone’s body is different!)

A one-on-one private session is a great for beginners, seasoned yogis and anyone else in between. A private session allows your instructor to focus on just you and help you discover which poses are best for you and your specific needs.

In a 75 minute private class we will begin with a grounding meditation, work on pranayama (breathing techniques), followed by a warm up leading to the peak of your practice, a cool down and ending with savasana.

Throughout your lesson I will provide you with hands on, as well as verbal adjustments, to help you get deeper into each pose to really receive all of the benefits from your practice and avoid any injury. We will also focus on the breathing in each asana (pose), as this is the center of a yoga practice. This one-on-one attention is not usually possible in a regular yoga class and will help you begin to see day to day changes in your practice and even your lifestyle!

If you have never done yoga before, this is a great option for you to learn proper alignment and techniques in each pose from the beginning! Maybe you have been wanting to try it out but are feeling a little nervous or overwhelmed to attend a class because you don’t think you are “flexible enough,” “strong enough” or maybe you just feel a little intimidated being in a larger group of people. This is normal and a private session can help get rid of these feelings!

Semi-Private Yoga Session ($25 pp/75 minutes)

A semi-private yoga session has all of the same benefits of a private session but allows you to invite family or friends to join in and receive all the amazing benefits of a yoga practice with you! This is a great option if you are feeling hesitant to venture into the world of yoga alone. It is also a great alternative to a ladies/mens night out. (You might even want to combine this option with a cooking class and have a delicious meal to follow your session! Inquire here.)

For inquires or to book a semi-private class contact Michaela at 862-438-5387 or fill out a contact form here.ย 


Kids Yoga (Private($25)/Semi-Private ($15/pp) 30 minutes)

When I was teaching Preschool, one of my favorite activities to do with my students was yoga! It allowed them time for exercise, to explore different ways to move their bodies (gross motor development), work on focus (cognitive development), creativity and allow them to recharge and relax simultaneously. It is also a great way for children to learn to deal with any form of stress or other emotions (social and emotional development).


For inquires or to book kids classes please fill out the contact form below and I will respond within 48ย 


Group Classes

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